So the badminton season has finished now.

Right, so its been about 3 months since I posted here, which to be honest isn’t good enough. I’ve been meaning to come on here and write something, but just never get around to it, so I’ve been using twitter to share little bits of information now and then.

Since my last post nothing really has happened apart from badminton. I won the Division 1 Evesham Mixed league for Stow which can be seen here. :D We went into the final match of the season needing a 3-3 draw against the team in 2nd place, who had won the league for the past few years. In predictable style, we lost the first 3 games of the night. We managed to claw our way back, to clinch the title :)

We took the Men’s league to the final game of the season, needing a 5-1 victory away at Alcester to be crowned champions and be promoted, in the end, we lost 5-1, ended up finishing 4th in the league, and feeling a bit crap! It was close though, here’s how the league finished: