Batch script

Creating new projects in SVN and Trac

I have finally managed to introduce Trac and Subversion (SVN) at work. For the first few months, only some projects were put into SVN and fewer were put into Trac. This was partly due to people not feeling the need, but more to do with people not knowing/understanding how to create these projects.

Since I was the one who setup and researched SVN and Trac, I was fairly comfortable setting up a new repository or new Trac project, however it was quite daunting for any body else to step in and do, and even more daunting for me to try and explain the process to people.

Now that 2010 (twenty ten?) is upon us, it was decided we would move all active projects (those that we are still supporting) into SVN and create Trac projects.

We have about 50 applications that are still being supported, so even split among 4, I didn’t really want to have to go through the process of creating repositories and Trac projects for all of this, so I started looking into a way of scripting this. Since I’ve really not done much scripting before, it took me slightly longer than planned, but 2 work days (work was snowed off for 3 days this week) later and the script is ‘done’, so I thought I’d share it here, and share the difficulties I had. Maybe someone will find this useful.