Want to stream TV? Good luck!

I have been mulling over writing a post on this topic for most of this year, only now whilst I’m sat in my car waiting for a parking space to become available do I seem angry enough to make a start. Like most of the western world, I watch a lot of television. Only the way I do this is perhaps not exactly typical. I download TV shows using torrents, serve them on a Linux server in a closet and then stream them to my TVs using Raspberry PIs.

Speed Cameras

Ok, so I have a friend who now live in various places around the country, and over the past month or so I’ve done a lot of driving. Something you notice very quickly when driving around this ‘wonderful’ country, is the alarming number of Speed (or should that be Safety) Cameras. So, there are 3 different types of camera that I’ve noticed: Ones in villages. Ones on country lanes Ones on motorways/A-roads.