Sluts on the tram

Riding home on the tram tonight at school closing time, the tram (as usual) was packed. I happen to be squashed against what looked like a girl about 14 or 15 years old, who’s paying more attention to her phone than standing up properly and keeps falling into me. Anyway, that wasn’t the problem, I happen to see what she was writing on her phone, to I can only assume was her boyfriend, but the message was explicit to put it nicely, I didn’t realise kids these days were so slutty.

School playground?! I thought I was at University!

I can’t believe how certain people just don’t understand a joke, and then the same people get offended when they actually ask for something, then get it. There is a certain person on my course at university who shall remain unnamed (anyone on the course will know who I mean), who has had, lets call it, a disagreement with me, which had something to do with women being illogical. The discussion was tongue in cheek, and she gave as good as I did, yet it comes out that I’m such an evil bastard and all.