Post by Email

So have enabled posting by email. Means I can post from my phone now without having to fiddle around with windows mobile’s crappy browser. I know opera is better, but runs like a pig on this phone. Then again, I can post to twitter from here too, but I rarely do, so don’t expect anything =) I have a post to write about Star Trek at some point, but not yet, watching the F1 at the minute.

So the badminton season has finished now.

Right, so its been about 3 months since I posted here, which to be honest isn’t good enough. I’ve been meaning to come on here and write something, but just never get around to it, so I’ve been using twitterto share little bits of information now and then. Since my last post nothing really has happened apart from badminton. I won the Division 1 Evesham Mixed league for Stow which can be seen here.

Supernovi is BACK!

Tim has finally got www.supernovi.comback online, with a new and improved theme. Go check it out :)

Since I’m on a mission to write more posts, I thought I’d write about a site that I visit quite regularly and find very useful. That site is A site that is dedicated to helping you track the TV shows that you watch, with a healthy community and active developer in the form of the site’s host, santah. The interface is clean, tidy, and very easy to navigate. Aside from being able to see episode information and schedules, the site has a babe-of-the-day feature maintained by member karenbear.

Domain changes

Howdy there, its been a while, but one of my resolutions of 2009 is to keep this place more updated. In october last year, I bought a couple of domain names, and, today I finally got around to setting them up to work with wordpress using the domain mapping feature, so this should be on now, which is much nicer than I’ve also set up emails on this domain using google apps, which is yet another gem that google have kept hidden from me!

A Trip to Coventry Ikea

So, I spent most of friday night with a headache (see previous post), when I saw an advert on TV for a laptop. My interested was piqued, so I did some hunting for a laptop, the more I looked, the higher my ‘budget’ got, before I was looking at spending £700 on a dell laptop. Looked good, but I sat myself down and gave myself a talking to. I don’t need a laptop right now, I wouldn’t be happy with a laptop for the kind of money I can afford, so I decided against getting one.


If you know me, you know that I get headaches, lots of them, if you don’t know me, well, I get headaches, lots of them. Usually, they are mild, and a small dose of paracetamol sorts it out and i can be on my way, doing the things I do during the day. However, I woke up on saturday morning with a headache, nothing unusual there, so I took a couple of pills, and went about my day then it comes back about 2 hours later and doesn’t go away for the rest of the day, it got so bad I couldn’t really do anything and just had to go to bed.

Speed Cameras

Ok, so I have a friend who now live in various places around the country, and over the past month or so I’ve done a lot of driving. Something you notice very quickly when driving around this ‘wonderful’ country, is the alarming number of Speed (or should that be Safety) Cameras. So, there are 3 different types of camera that I’ve noticed: Ones in villages. Ones on country lanes Ones on motorways/A-roads.

A brief catch up

Its been a long time since I updated this blog, almost a year in fact. A lot has happened since then: Finished university. Moved to Evesham. Started work in Chipping Campden. Bought a new(ish) car. I managed to graduate from university with a 2:1 degree, which to be honest, I was a little disappointed with. My disseration was awful, getting a miserable 44%. The disseration was worth 30% of my degree.

If only...

If only, I had someone I could talk to. There is nobody in my life that I can properly talk to about anything and everything, apart from this one person, but now I am really feeling the need to talk about her to someone else, I need to get things off my chest, I need someone to tell me everything is fine. I need someone who understands what I’m talking about, and someone who won’t judge me.